My First Winter Solstice*

From early on in my Kundalini Yoga journey I heard people quote Yogi Bhajan saying that if you “revolve you life around Summer and Winter solstice everything will be taken care of.”  But for many years I resisted attending the Solstice celebrations.  I can’t even remember what my resistance was to going to solstice (too much money?  too far/inconvenient to travel?).  Whatever shape it took, I now see that it was really my egos resistance to completely surrendering to this path of awareness.  

Winter Solstice 2008

When I finally attended my fist solstice (winter 2008) it was an amazing experience of homecoming.  I felt like I was with “my people”  (for lack of a better term).  I remember tearing up when I drove up to the site and saw the signs saying “Welcome Home.”  This community was my home in a way that I had never even known was possible. 

I spent 7 days in Florida, taking yoga classes, meditating, practicing White Tantric, serving others, eating weird spicy soup for breakfast and just being with other people on the path.  At the time it felt sweet and nice.  The impact of it though was so many times more powerful than what initially met the eye.  Those few days with the Sangat (spiritual community) awakened in me the desire to devote my life to connecting with people using the technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. 

Kundalini Yoga had been shaping me from the moment I took my first class but it was really this event that opened me up to embracing the totality of being a Kundalini Yogi.  After attending that first solstice 4 years ago: I have become an Associate Trainer in the Aquarian Trainer Academy.  I have worked and volunteered for the mother yoga organizations in New Mexico.  I have switched to completely using my spiritual name.  I have grown in my understanding and respect of the entirety of Yogi Bhajans teachings.  I have had a major healing of early-life resentments I was carrying around with me.  I have surrendered parts of my life that were not moving me towards my destiny.  It had been joyous and challenging.  And I absolutely know that all of those things have been fueled by my participation in the solstices.  And that each one of those things are a critical step on my path to my souls purpose. 

As I drove away from that first winter solstice I remember very clearly thinking, “I cannot imagine not attending every solstice for the rest of my life.”  And since that time I have been blessed to be able to attend every Summer and Winter solstice.  And while there are elements to solstice that seem to be the same routine (and have been for decades)….each time I gather together with “my people” and do yoga and serve with them it is profoundly healing and inspiring in a new way.  I get a little soul tune-up every 6 months.  If I’ve strayed from my path, if I’ve let my ego win….well, lets just say, there’s no hiding it from Solstice. 

As I spend this week gathering items, doing laundry and packing it is with a great sense of happiness in my heart.  I look forward to and open myself completely to the healing and transformation of this years Winter Solstice experience.  I am deeply grateful to each person who works to create solstice and to each person who shows up to be a part of our little yoga tribe. 

*Solstice:  Refers to the 3HO Winter Solstice Sadhana Celebration